Farming in Indonesia

More than 60% of Indonesia's population work in agriculture

Lake Singkarak West Sumatra

Lake Singkarak in West Sumatra

Paddy field in Sumedang West Java

The green color of Paddy field surrounded by mountain, has attract some tourist to stop by and shot the landscape with their camera. Here are some images of paddy field in Sumedang West Java

Hole in Bali Nusa Penida Island

Bali Nusa Penida Rock Lagoon, one of exotic Indonesia image, Nusa Penida Island located in south east of main island Bali. A perfect place for adventure travel to getaway.

Liang Beach

White sandy beach in Hunimua, also known as Liang, Ambon Moluccas

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bali Nusa Penida Rock Lagoon

On the way to recorded the beauty of Indonesia over the Bali air with heli, we found this unique spot of unusual location in Nusa Penida Island, Bali.
a rock lagoon in Nusa Penida beach Bali
another bird view of Nusa Penida rock lagoon
From the air, we can see a hole in a peninsula that is like a small lake. In fact,  it was an underwater cave which formed by nature. The Indian Ocean's wave that hit coastal cliffs over the years making this underwater cave more bigger. It then tear down the land above it and forming  into lagoon.

an exotic place in Nusa Penida on the maps

Nusa Penida is an island located in the southeast of Bali, which is separated by Badung Strait. This island can be reached via cruise with charter boat , fast boat or quicksilver from Sanur, Benoa, Kusamba and Padang Bay. Unlike the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan there is very little tourist infrastructure here. Nusa Penida covers a wide area of diving locations.

Liang Beach Hunimua Ambon Moluccas

Hunimua Beach or better known as Liang Beach, presents the natural beauty of exotic beaches of Ambon Moluccas. It is one of the exotic Indonesia. Liang Beach is famous for its white sand and blue clear water that always tempts visitors to stay longer to play and simply relax and enjoy the blue ocean.

Liang beach has the longest white sandy beach in Ambon Moluccas. Located at Liang village, it is about 40 km from the city of Ambon or about 40 minutes drive by car. In addition, the beauty of Liang beach come with its quite and tranquil. And you will see yourself that Liang Beach is the more stunning panoramic that you can imagine.
the clearly water
the stunning view
White sandy beach with blue clear water of Hunimua Beach - Liang - Ambon
This picture on the map

Direction to this place:
Pattimura Airport - Ambon - Liang

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Green Rice Field in Indonesia

Indonesia the Agricultural Country

In agricultural country like Indonesia, rice or paddy fields are the most commonly found here. The layout of the green rice fields became a great view when you visit several regions in Indonesia.

Agriculture plays an important role in Indonesia. Not only its supply food, but also to the countries industry. A strong agricultural industry in Indonesia shows its stable food source. As having stable food source is one of the major requisite of a nation. Added to that, it also creates more jobs to work in farms and factories. And with modern technological advancements, better methods are now being used, making harvesting more productive and more efficient.

Rice field in Tanjung Kerta West Java

Rice field in Buah Dua Sumedang West Java

A panoramic view of Paddy Field in Cileungsing West Java

Lake Singkarak on the map

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lake Singkarak Solok West Sumatra - more views

More views of Lake Singkarak Solok West Sumatra one of the beauty of lake volcanoes in Indonesia.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lake Singkarak The Second Biggest Lake of Sumatra

The Volcano Lake in West Sumatra

Lake Singkarak is the 2nd biggest lake in Sumatra after Toba, located in Solok of West Sumatra Province. The beauty of Lake Singkarak is the the stunning view of its scenery with blue clear water surrounded by mountain.
Since long it has been accepted that Lake Singkarak in Central Sumatra is nothing else but a remnant of a gigantic volcano - the Singkarak volcano - which once blew off its top to form a lake.
Singkarak also known for its endemic, the Bilis fish (Ikan Bilis or Bilih). The Bilis fish (mystacoleucus padangensis) only live in this lake.

Direction to this place:
  1. Padang - Solok - Singkarak
  2. Padang - Padang Panjang - Kubu Karambie - Ombilin
  3. Bukittinggi - Padang Panjang - Ombilin

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cirata The Lake Reservoir for Fish Farming

In some reservoirs and lakes, the fish farmers usually utilize water as a commercial fish farming. They use a system commonly known as Keramba Jaring Apung (floating net cage) or floating fish pond.
This cage has several benefits. The presence of fish in it will be more secure, making it easier for maintenance. In addition, the limited size of the cages, the fish can be harvested with ease. Its economic value can be directly calculated by fish farmers. The fish farming of Cirata contributed the fish consumption need of Jakarta and West Java

Lake Cirata for Fishing Spot

People who visit Cirata not only for a week end tour but also found this place as a good freshwater fishing spot. We can meet hundreds of angler in the early morning, crossing the lakeside to a potential fishing area with a boat.

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