Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cirata The Lake Reservoir for Fish Farming

In some reservoirs and lakes, the fish farmers usually utilize water as a commercial fish farming. They use a system commonly known as Keramba Jaring Apung (floating net cage) or floating fish pond.
This cage has several benefits. The presence of fish in it will be more secure, making it easier for maintenance. In addition, the limited size of the cages, the fish can be harvested with ease. Its economic value can be directly calculated by fish farmers. The fish farming of Cirata contributed the fish consumption need of Jakarta and West Java

Lake Cirata for Fishing Spot

People who visit Cirata not only for a week end tour but also found this place as a good freshwater fishing spot. We can meet hundreds of angler in the early morning, crossing the lakeside to a potential fishing area with a boat.


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